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In your personal or business expenses, you might have forgotten to set money aside for an annual rain gutter cleaning. It’s simply not something that most people think about unless they are directly faced with the problem. While you might be hesitant to allot for such an expense in your usual finances, forgetting to do so will result in a much larger expense. If you put off the job longer than necessary, your gutters could become so clogged that they break beyond repair. In fact, leaky gutters caused by negligence might actually create the need for more serious home repairs than you might think.

When you don’t at least hire a gutter cleaning service annually, you could suffer from problems with the foundation of your home or business. When water from the roof overflows beyond the clogged gutter’s capacity, it will start to collect on the ground around the building. Essentially, it will flood the surrounding area and your basement could fill with water quickly. As if leaky basement repairs weren’t bad enough, you’ll also need to deal with the problems brought on by the accumulating mold. The flooded area around your foundation could also lead to cracks in the structure of your home or business.

On the topic of mold, an annual gutter cleaning will also help you prevent problems associated with rotten wood and leaks in your roof. When water begins to seep out of the clogged gutters and back onto the roof of your home or business, it will make its way into the cracks of wood and create serious mold damage. Not only does mold compromise the structural reliability of a home, it is also dangerous to breathe in. Insects will also be a problem in the roof, because they’ll make their homes in the damp collection of leaves and debris, and eventually move on to nesting in the wood that makes up your roof.

Especially if you have regular visitors to your office or business, clogged gutters can pose a serious safety concern. When down spouts aren’t bringing the water off to the side of the building, water might collect on walkways and stairs. Wet stairs can be extremely slippery, and before you know it you might have a lawsuit on your hands from someone that slipped and broke a bone.

Keeping your gutters clean is clearly more important than just having clean gutters. Annual rain gutter & down spout cleaning is the best way to avoid costly repairs on damaged gutters, roofs, walls and foundations. Rain gutter cleaning can be a very messy and dangerous job, not to mention the mold problems that clogged gutters can cause in your roof and structures. Especially in California, wild fires pose a great threat to any structure. Let us help remove the fuel you have packed into your gutters, safely and effectively. At Pacific Window Washing we are experienced in cleaning gutters safely and quickly. Call now for a free estimate at (888) 457-1995

Allow us to do your hard work! Since we are already cleaning your gutters let us evaluate any repairs that may be necessary.

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